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Frag poles snd bases.

Comparison with 158cm(5feet3inch) model
(Pole is 260cm tall here.)
 Are you a dealer or distributor of Japanese tuning companies?
Then, aren’t you in trouble with showing the flags that the manufactures/shops gave you?
 Here is the solution. Those flags are Japanese traditional items, so you will need those poles and bases to show them in front of your show room.
 I know the flags had been on the wall with the pins in your shop, but now you can show them wherever you want, even in the events under blue sky!!

 Please feel free to ask for quotation in larger volume, and/or shipping cost.
We can ship to you directly, or even to your hotel in Japan with your prior notice of, if you want to save shipping cost and hand carry!!

Pole: Suitable for most Japanese style flags like you see in the picture.
   (Includes lateral bar on top.)

   Colors available from White, Black, Light Blue, and Light Green
   Size: Length, Min.165cm / Max. 300cm.
       Diameter 2-3cm

Shipping weight: 170*5*5cm, 1kg/pc
           170*10*10cm, 10kg/9pcs
           170*15*15cm, 17kg/16pcs
           (No package. We will wrap them with bubble cushion)

Price: 1,000yen/pc

Base: You can stick the pole, and fill the base with water, to let it stand-alone.

   Colors: White/Black
   Size: 36*36*20.5cm, 1kg
       Capacity 13L of water

Shipping weight: 21*36*37cm, 1.5kg/pc (in a carton)
           107*37*38cm, 9.0kg/5pcs (5pcs in a larger carton)

Price: 3,000yen/pc

 Orders and/or inquiries, please feel free to e-mail us.